Radio re-launch

A community radio station based in Eastbourne is re-launching today (Friday).

Viking Radio Gold will be back online and will be kicking off with a show at 6pm tonight.

The man behind the radio station is Ron Wilkinson. The Hampden Park resident served in the military for 18 years and was involved in the Forces Radio in Germany.

He set up Viking Radio Gold a year ago but it came to a halt around four months ago so it could be re-launched and Mr Wilkinson and the team are looking forward to this evening.

The studio is based in Hampden Park and the station is currently based online.

He said, “It started a year ago as a test to see how it would go and it was a bit on and off.

“There was no proper content but we did get quite a bit of support from the Royal British Legion and local businesses.

“We decided to re-launch and really want to put Eastbourne on the global map.”

Over the last few months a lot of work has been going on behind the scenes for the re-launch of the radio station, which has several presenters who are all volunteers.

Among them is musician Nick Barnes, who also presents other radio shows.

He said, “This is all down to Ron and I said I would help him as much as I can.

“We haven’t really got a community radio station in Eastbourne and I think that’s pretty sad.

“There are thousands of internet radio stations trying to do the same sort of thing.

“Ron is trying to create a station for the people of Eastbourne so they can listen in. He wants to be the one that is different.

“It would be good to get a community licence to go on FM.”

That is indeed the next step for the team.

As well as providing a big selection of music Viking Radio Gold, which received two million hits in the space of one week, also provides information for the Royal British Legion and any money raised from sponsorship goes to the charity.

Mr Wilkinson, 62, said of the re-launch, “I’m excited but a bit nervous.

“Everything has been going fine so far.”

Its opening night this evening starts off with Eastbourne’s own Jim Stevens.

He will be launching a special Happy Hour and his set will be followed by James Murphy and Nick Barnes, whose slot will be between 9pm and 11pm.

For a special request on the night you can email:

For more information about the radio station and its forum or to listen to the show’s re-launch tonight visit the website: