Quick-thinking hero rescues boy from sea

A HEROIC man rescued a young boy who couldn’t swim from the sea at the weekend.

Vicki Disney, an Old Town resident, was one of many locals enjoying the recent warm weather on Eastbourne’s beach at the weekend when she saw the man’s lifesaving act on Saturday (May 26).

It happened on the beach opposite the Holywell Cafe and she contacted the Herald because she said the mystery man deserved some recognition for his heroic actions.

She said, “We were sitting on the beach and I was aware there were some children in the sea but I didn’t really notice them.

“Then there was this kid shouting ‘help, I can’t swim‘ and then he went under.

“This young guy, I would say in his 20s, just stood straight up and just ran in to the sea.”

The man plucked the struggling child out of the water and sat him up on the wooden groyne.

“The poor little kid was so frightened,” said Vicki.

“He wouldn’t let go of the man.”

Friends of the hero brought over a body board and the little boy was taken back to the safety of the beach.

Vicki said, “This guy didn’t stop there though, he ran and got towels from his friends and blankets from the cafe. He then called the ambulance.

“He was just doing everything he could for this little lad.”

Paramedics arrived on the scene shortly after the incident, which happened at around 4pm, and the young boy was treated and then taken to hospital.

Vicki said, “I think he was injured, so I hope he is ok.

“It is good that guy was there for him and acted so quickly.”

Vicki says the man was a ‘genuine good guy’ and her ‘hero of the week’.

She said, “I don’t know anything about him. He was sitting with his friends and girlfriend,

“He was about 6ft with dark hair and black and white shorts on. That is all I know, but I think it would be nice if he got some recognition.”

Vicki said she thought the young boy was between ten and 13.

Are you the hero who saved the little boy? Or maybe you are the family of the youngster? The Herald would like to hear from you. Call reporter Juliet Perry on 414484 or email juliet.perry@trbeckett.co.uk.