Questions and answers on new name for Eastbourne shopping complex

State-of-the-art ...
State-of-the-art ...

In the week that Computer Generated Images of the interior of the new Arndale Centre were revealed, the Herald has posed questions on the shopping complex’s change of name.

Q: The shopping centre has existed happily for 37 years under its current name. Why are you changing it now?

A: The Arndale name was popular for shopping centres and commercial buildings in post-war Britain, with around 25 sites using the name.

The name was chosen for the Eastbourne shopping centre, which opened in 1979-80.

The decision to build an £85m extension, which is due to open late 2018, gave us the opportunity to review the Arndale name and see if it was still appropriate.

Q: How did you come up with the name The Beacon?

A: We looked at hundreds of potential names and the meanings that are – or could be – associated with them. We also examined the colours that would work with the various shortlisted names.

Our clear winner was The Beacon, with a dark blue and white colour scheme.

Q: What is its relevance to Eastbourne?

A: There are two reasons why The Beacon is appropriate.

The first is because Eastbourne is a beacon in attracting new investments and new developments and becoming a destination shopping centre. It is a tremendously exciting time with so much going on in and around the town.

The second reason is that The Beacon reminds us of our coastal history and the landmark Beachy Head lighthouse, a beacon to ships from around the world and one of our most popular tourist attractions.

Q: Did you consult with the town?

A: Yes, we had representatives from the town involved in the process from an early stage.

When we whittled it down to a shortlist of five names, we held a focus group of 12 Eastbourne individuals and organisations representing all ages, political groups, businesses and the community. There was universal agreement on The Beacon.

Q: When will we see the new name appear?

A: We will be introducing the new name and logo in the run-up to the opening of our fantastic new extension towards Christmas 2018.