Q&A with centre agents

The Gazette asked the agents LAMS seven questions this week - here are the responses we received:

Q: Why did the roof cave in?

A: The full cause of the roof collapse is not known as yet and investigations are ongoing.

Q: Has work started to repair the roof?

A: A contractor will be appointed and work on repair of the roof is due to begin shortly.

Q: If not, on what date will the work start?

See answer above.

Q: Approximately how long will the work take?

A: Our work programme has yet to be agreed as the work will be phased and we are exploring the possibility of allowing individual shop units to open before the whole of the repair programme is completed.

Q: How much will the work cost?

A: This has not yet been agreed but in any case will be a matter of commercial confidentiality.

Q: What is the estimated reopening date?

A:We hope to have the centre reopened as soon as is safely possible. The centre will reopen once the work has been completed and the Dangerous Structure Notices is lifted by the buildings control officer.

Q: Are tenants and the taxi operator still being charged rent while the shopping centre is closed? If so why?

A: Rent for all tenants continues to be charged in accordance with the terms of their tenancies. The tenants with their own business continuity insurance should be able make their own claims for reimbursement in respect of this.