Pupil Sam’s call for 20mph school zone

Sam Smith petition
Sam Smith petition

A Ratton student is leading calls for the speed limit outside the school to be lowered.

Park Avenue currently has a 30mph speed limit but pupil Sam Smith wants to see it dropped to 20mph.

The teenager was so incensed at the speed of cars driving up and down the road he took it upon himself to do something about it.

Sam said the speeding issue was particularly dangerous when pupils were arriving at the school in the morning and leaving in the afternoon.

Sam enlisted the help of Ratton county councillor Colin Belsey and then set up a petition which was signed by more than 1,000 people.

Earlier this month he presented the petition to the chairman of East Sussex County Council Councillor Chris Dowling before a full council meeting.

Councillor Dowling thanked Sam for his efforts on behalf of the school and said the petition would be considered by transport officials.

Sam then sat in the public gallery and watched the county council meeting.

He said, “It was a really good morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was good to be able to present the petition in person to the chairman of the county council .

“I hope that notice will be taken of it and something done about the speeding traffic.

“I would like to thank all those who have helped me in the project at school and Councillor Belsey for helping with the handing over of the petition.”

The school and Councillor Belsey along with his fellow Ratton councillors on Eastbourne Borough Council and the county council have long campaigned for slower speed zones around the school.

Last year the speed limit in Willingdon Road at the top of Park Avenue was dropped from 40mph to 30mph

It came after two pupils were injured in accidents at the busy junction with Victoria Drive.

Parents, students and staff launched a campaign and the slower speed limit was given the green light by the county council’s highways chiefs.