Protect your pet and help canine charity

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An Eastbourne veterinary surgery is calling on dog owners to protect their pooches and help raise cash for a new puppy for the charity Hounds for Heroes.

St Anne’s Veterinary Group is running the Pounds for Hounds initiative which will see the practice donate money to the charity for every kennel cough vaccination they administer.

Established in 2010 by Gulf War veteran Allen Parton, Hounds for Heroes provides specially trained assistance dog’s to injured and disabled men and women of both the UK armed forces and civilian emergency services.

Allen spent five years in hospital coming to terms with his injuries after a tragic war time head injury wiped out his memories leaving him unable to walk, speak or write. He couldn’t even remember his wife or children.

When Allen was partnered with assistance dog Endal, it changed his life and brought his independence back. Endal could respond to more than 100 commands as well as problem solve and once saved Allen’s life by putting him in the recovery position and going for help.

Vaccine manufacturer, Pfizer Animal Health, supports the charity and earlier this year it donated £20,000 to buy and train one of the Hounds for Heroes newest canine recruits, Vanguard.

The scheme will see 25p being donated for every kennel cough vaccine administered between now and Armistice Day. Pounds for Hounds hopes to raise £20,000.

Staff at St Anne’s say the vaccination is very important.

Veterinary nurse Menna Field said, “The primary cause of the syndrome known as kennel cough is a bacterium called Bordetalla Bronchiseptica. The bacterial vaccine cannot be administered by injection but instead has to be given into the nostrils.

“This disease is commonly associated with dogs gathering together in enclosed spaces such as dog shows and boarding kennels.

“However, the organism is highly infectious and can be transmitted when dogs walk or play together.”

To have your dog vaccinated for kennel cough and help raise money for Hounds for Heroes call 01323 640011.

Pictured is Bee, a German shepherd crossed with a collie, who was one of the first dogs having the kennel cough vaccination at St Anne’s.