Progress on plans for zebra crossing

The site near to Dacre Road where the proposed crossing would be
The site near to Dacre Road where the proposed crossing would be

Plans for a new pedestrian crossing on Victoria Drive have taken the next step forward following a public consultation.

Residents asked East Sussex County Council to consider the provision of a pedestrian crossing on Victoria Drive between Birling Street and Upwick Road back in 2011/12.

The proposal scored well in relation to the Local Transport Plan and value for money criteria, at a cost of £30,000 funded by the county council’s Integrated Transport Capital Programme for 2015/16.

As a result, the county council worked to establish the optimum location for a new zebra crossing. After a 12-hour pedestrian survey, an assessment of which areas would result in minimal loss of local parking and mature trees and a discussion with residents in properties closest to the area, a spot near to the junction of Dacre Road was chosen as a potential site.

East Sussex County Council distributed letters to around 1,500 residents in the area and received 518 responses. Of those, 87 per cent supported the proposal for a new zebra crossing at the Dacre Road location while 10 per cent were not in support.

The remaining 3 per cent were either not sure or were undecided. Of those residents who opposed the proposed crossing, 15 people felt the crossing should be at a different location in Victoria Drive, nine people said that a crossing in Victoria Drive was not necessary, seven people objected to a loss of parking and five people wanted crossings at other locations in the area.

Following the process, East Sussex County Council has recommended the Lead Member agrees that the proposal for a pedestrian crossing be taken forward to detailed design and construction as part of the 2015/16 capital programme for local transport improvements.