“Professional teams” will need to adapt to survive impending tsunami of change

Michael Ogilivie, director at OBC The Accountants
Michael Ogilivie, director at OBC The Accountants

The professional workforce of the future will need to adapt quickly to survive the tsunami of automation and artificial intelligence that will decimate professions in the next few years, says accountant and business advisor Michael Ogilvie.

Michael, a director with OBC The Accountants, said: “As technology continues to advance, more and more roles look set to be fulfilled by computers. Already accountants and banks are being hit by job cuts in the new world of automation, and there is now even software to diagnose medical conditions more accurately, and also to arrive at legal verdicts more reliably.

“I believe it will mean many new self-employed jobs will be created as the newly unemployed become self-employed – but doing what? One thing is for sure, it will be pointless for any of us to contemplate trying to fight the computers where processing and analytical technical work is required”.

“In my opinion the only answer has to be, where we like and value the opportunities to deal with human beings, then these interactions will need to create even more trusting and valued relationships, so those who will keep their jobs or create new businesses will be those people who have learnt to be “more human.”

Even doctors and lawyers will be affected. So, I see doctors doing less diagnosing and more caring, and lawyers doing less compliance and diagnostic work and a lot more proactive, preventative work.”

But Michael said that ultimately there will be fewer professional jobs around resulting in more highly qualified people taking lower paid jobs, pushing out those workers who had traditionally held those jobs.

Despite the changes ahead, Michael predicted that if the workforce of the future could adopt a “can-do attitude” then anything would be possible.

He said: “Usain Bolt said, “Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done” and went out of his way to prove everyone wrong who said he could not keep up his achievements. Anything is possible if we have the drive and determination to make it happen, but the question mark is what needs to happen to bring out the Usain Bolt in the workforce of the future?”