Problem parking near station may soon be resolved

Parked cars in Station Road, Bishopstone
Parked cars in Station Road, Bishopstone

PARKING problems in Station Road, Bishopstone could soon become a thing of the past for residents following intervention from Seaford’s MP Norman Baker.

Mr Baker has secured the road’s inclusion in the Lewes Parking Review after he took up the case with East Sussex County Council’s Director of Transport, Rupert Clubb.

Mr Baker suggested that problems in the road, which is next to Bishopstone Railway Station, had been going on for far too long.

He said commuters parking in the road had congested the area as well as delivery problems and as a result called for the council to look at part-day restrictions, as used, successfully, near stations such as Hayward Heath.

In response Mr Clubb has agreed to include Station Road within the Lewes Parking Review and has provided specific instructions to independent assessors Atkins to consider part-day restrictions within the review.

Mr Baker said, “There are genuine concerns about commuters parking on this road and residents are quite right in their request for a solution to be provided to a problem that has been rumbling on for far too long. The inclusion of the road in the Parking Review, and consideration for part-day restrictions, which I believe could hold the solution, are welcome steps. Of course, we will wait to see the outcome of that review, but I am hopeful that the council will listen to local residents and solve this problem once and for all.”

County Councillor Matthew Lock, lead member for transport and environment, said the council was keen to hear from anyone with similar issues and said it was a case of ‘balance’ in deciding what action to take.

He added, “If they don’t park there, they might park elsewhere, it’s trying to find balance of keeping everyone happy.

“We don’t want to lay the problem on someone else.”