Preparations begin for windmill work

Scaffolding at Stone Cross Mill
Scaffolding at Stone Cross Mill

THE SKYLINE out towards Stone Cross is changing as work takes place on the windmill.

This week scaffolding has been erected at Stone Cross Mill so the landmark can be repainted.

Protective material has been placed around the whole tower.

Dave Picton, chairman of the Stone Cross Windmill Trust, said, “This work has been undertaken by Hailsham Scaffolding at a very reasonable price because they are supporting the windmill as we are a charity.”

With the scaffolding successfully erected, the next operation will be next week when Sussex Blast Cleaning will sandblast the tower ready for repainting. Once that has been done, any damaged render will be repaired and then the firm will return to repaint the tower.

Mr Picton said he would like to thank Sussex Blast Cleaning for giving their services free as a donation to the windmill.

He added, “Once the scaffolding has been removed, the tower will once again look white and clean and this should last for a long time.”