Potholes prompt call for refund...

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth with pot hole in Pevensey Road
Cllr Alan Shuttleworth with pot hole in Pevensey Road

A ROW over Eastbourne’s pot hole problem has culminated in East Sussex County Council being told ‘We want our money back’.

Angry councillors met to discuss what to do about the blight of broken roads across the town which have been playing havoc with motorists, pedestrians and cyclists alike.

During the town hall debate, one councillor revealed he had counted more than 30 pot holes in one 80-yard stretch of road. Another reported a crater stretching across an entire street.

And Cllr Janet Coles criticised East Sussex County Council (ESCC) after introducing the controversial pay to park scheme across the town but failing to re-invest the cash on roads.

She said, “The county council has destroyed this town with its parking scheme and stopped people coming in to town. It is our money and we want it back.”

Cllr Alan Shuttleworth, who started discussions by lobbying for the borough council to demand action from their Lewes counterparts, said, “There is a very real anger from residents across Eastbourne about the state of roads.

“In the town centre you only have to walk a few yards before you come across a pot hole – it is riddled with them.

“Eastbourne has been dealt a double whammy because not only are we not getting roads repaired but the county council is taking money from us in the shape of the pay to park scheme.”

Concerns were also raised that the standard of repair work was less than satisfactory on those holes which had been filled and that red tape meant some obvious obstructions were going untreated because they did not meet the strict criteria of a pot hole.

The decision was taken to ask ESCC to review its current procedures regarding road repairs. Eastbourne Borough Council has also demanded that county hall sets up an emergency repair programme using cash from the pay to park scheme.