Planned new Eastbourne convenience store faces ‘street drinking’ concerns

Plans for a new convenience store in Eastbourne are to go before councillors, in light of concerns around anti-social drinking.

Tuesday, 4th January 2022, 11:22 am
The empty shop unit in Terminus Road formerly occupied by Barnardo's (Photo from Google Maps Street View)

On Thursday (January 6), an Eastbourne Borough Council licensing panel is set to consider an application to sell alcohol at a new convenience store at 16 Terminus Road. 

The hearing has been called in light of concerns from a number of residents. The objectors, whose names have been redacted in council papers, say their concerns are around street drinking in the town centre.

One said: “As someone who has lived and worked for many years in central Eastbourne, I am concerned by the proliferation of premises with off licences in the central area of the town. 

“The issue of on-street drinking has been well publicised over the last few years and only appears to be getting worse in Eastbourne’s town centre. Whilst another off licence in the area will not solve the problem, it can only exacerbate it. 

“Unfortunately, once given, alcohol licences for ‘off premises consumption’ rarely seem to be withdrawn and yet they appear to fuel the growing problem with the on street drinking culture. 

“It is time that the council’s licensing department started to limit the number of new licences being granted until such time as the current issues with on street drinking have been brought firmly under control.”

While concerns have been raised by local residents, no objections have been raised by Sussex Police or any other responsible authorities. 

The police position comes as a result of the applicant agreeing to a number of conditions. These include the installation of CCTV cameras, staff training and a limit on the strength of beer, lager and cider to be sold in the store.

The licensing panel is set to make a decision on whether to grant the licence after hearing from the applicant and objectors.