This is how Stephen Lloyd voted in last night’s election vote – and why

Stephen Lloyd has explained his vote last night (Monday) on the Prime Minister’s call for an election.

Tuesday, 29th October 2019, 12:16 pm
Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd speaking in Parliament

The Eastbourne MP voted against Boris Johnson’s plans to hold a General Election on December 12.

Speaking to this newspaper, he said, “I voted against the Government’s election motion last night because I did not feel there was sufficient time to scrutinise their Withdrawal Bill if Johnson suddenly tried to bring it back.

“However the strong push in Westminster is for an election so I expect it will be called this week.

“Labour are less keen because the polls suggest they are particularly vulnerable to an early vote but all the other opposition parties are agreed which means the momentum will probably be unstoppable. Watch this space!”

Meanwhile, the MP recently posted on Facebook addressing complaints about his attendence in Parliament

He said, “It’s pretty obvious that an election is coming soon folks because a Conservative leaflet has suddenly appeared across the constituency, railing against my ‘shockingly low’ 52 per cent attendance record in Parliament. Sigh. Let me explain.”

Mr Lloyd said there has been a great deal of “EU wash-up legislation” passing through the House over the last two years, which he said is hardly ever debated and “all about process”.

He said, “Consequently, when it’s come to these numerous Statutory Instruments I have abstained, obviously reducing my overall attendance/voting numbers. And this is what the local Tories are trumpeting about.

“I have spoken in debates in the Chamber 177 times since being re-elected as your MP. In other words contributing directly in Parliament on the key issues of the day.

“Bluntly a high attendance record in this parliament demonstrates an ability to walk through a door and to recite your name. Neither function is particularly challenging and provides absolutely no benefit to Eastbourne. But it does bump up your ‘attendance’ record.”

Mr Johnson did not gain the two-thirds majority needed to pass his plans for an election on Monday night (October 28) – with MPs voting 299 to 70 for it, and most of Labour abstaining.

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