Greens and Lib Dems both gain a Wealden county council seat each

The Greens and Lib Dems gained a Wealden seat a-piece at East Sussex County Council’s elections last week.

Wednesday, 12th May 2021, 2:21 pm
Steve Murphy, new Lib Dem county councillor for Hailsham Market

Meanwhile the Conservatives held on to 11 seats with Johanna Howell (Crowborough North and Jarvis Brook) and Philip Lunn (Crowborough South and St Johns) the party’s first time county councillors.

The Lib Dems ran the Tories extremely close in the former, with Walter Partridge finishing just 35 votes behind.

However they did take Hailsham Market from the Conservatives, with Steve Murphy elected.

Stephen and Daniel Shing were both re-elected to East Sussex County Council

Meanwhile the Greens took Forest Row and Groombridge, one of four seats the party now has at County Hall,

Successful candidate Georgia Taylor said: “My local party, the Wealden Green Party, has worked tirelessly and professionally over the years to build the amazing support that we now have in this division (Forest Row and Groombridge), which got me elected.

“We have an excellent team of experts and two Green Wealden district councillors, which bodes well for future successes.

“I am delighted to be one of four Green councillors on ESCC, and we will be working together to rebuild vibrant local economies and local jobs; and a future where nature and wellbeing are prioritised.

Georgia Taylor is one of four new Green county councilllors

“As we are behind in reaching our climate goals in the UK, every local area needs to work hard to stop further unnecessary infrastructure, development and unfettered growth that damages the environment and fuels the climate crisis. I would love to see a mission driven county council where the future of humanity and all ecosystems is the driving mission, and where there is a credible plan for making it happen. And we have local solutions – which the county and district councils need to support. For example a Forest Row community group has been working for 2.5 years to get the tip, that was closed by the Conservative run ESCC, to be opened up again.

“The vision is to transform the site into a community circular economy resource – FrowReSource. Now that I am county councillor I can help to make sure this dream become reality by encouraging the council to transfer this community asset to the parish council for a reasonable price.”

Mr Murphy: “Thank you to everyone who voted for me, as well as all those who helped during my campaign - I’m so honoured to have been elected as the East Sussex County Councillor for Hailsham Market division. I’m also really proud of the people of Hailsham and of our party - these results show that people have had enough of the same old Tory neglect in our town, and they have voted for change.

“The next four years will be a lot of hard work, but I’m ready for the challenge and am looking forward to representing Hailsham at County Hall.”

Mr Lunn, who is already a Wealden district councillor, said: “I was both delighted and appreciative to have been elected as a County Councillor for my Crowborough Wards.

“I work hard as a cabinet member for Wealden District Council, and through that role, have already forged relationships with colleagues at ESCC.

“I am looking forward to engaging at all levels within the county council, for the benefit of both my own electoral district, and of course the much wider county area.

“I repeat that I grateful for the opportunity.”

Ms Howell, also already a district councillor, added: “I am delighted to have been elected for represent Crowborough and Jarvis Brook. Having been a district councillor for many years and chairman of planning I am well aware of the many concerns of residents and sincerely hope to address them and get the infrastructure that Crowborough to desperately needs.”

Elsewhere Independent Democrats Stephen and Daniel Shing were re-elected in Willingdon & South Downs and Polegate & Watermill respectively.

Stephen Shing said: “I am delighted to have been re-elected for a sixth term on the county Council, over 2000 residents put their trust in me to carry on in the role and as always, I am very grateful for their support and this privilege.

“During the election period, we continued to serve the community which allowed many residents to highlight their concerns about the area. Good communication helps to facilitate improvements and bring matters to the attention of the local councils.

“The Willingdon division in East Sussex has always had a high turnout for an election and with the current circumstances, the turnout has still been high”.

Daniel Shing added: “Since the last county council election in 2017, the Polegate and Watermill division which I represent, has had a few hundred new houses built where new residents have moved in, the warm welcome and support from new and existing residents has been very encouraging and I am grateful for their support in allowing me to continue representing them for a fourth term.

“Hopefully with lockdown restrictions and social distancing likely to ease soon, face to face contact and regular meetings with members of the community can resume, residents have told me how much they look forward to our service to the community returning to normal.”

Full results:

Arlington, East Hoathly and Hellingly: Nick Bennett (Conservative) 1872 - ELECTED, Mark Everest (Reform UK) 116, Beverly Johnstone (Liberal Democrat) 345, Angie Smith (Labour) 316, Alison Wilson (Green) 690.

Crowborough North and Jarvis Brook: Peter Bucklitsch (Independent) 551, Johanna Howell (Conservative) 1131 - ELECTED, Walter Partridge (Liberal Democrat) 1096, Colin Stocks (Green) 324, Norman Warren (Labour) 255.

Crowborough South and St Johns: Brendan Clegg (Labour) 279, Philip Lunn (Conservative) 1647 (ELECTED), Gareth Owen-Williams (Liberal Democrat) 686, Pamela Tysh (Green) 347.

Forest Row and Groombridge: Simon Kirby (Conservative) 1676, Georgia Taylor (Green) 2325 - ELECTED.

Hailsham Market: Bruce Broughton (Conservative) 888, Stephen Gander (Social Democratic Party) 203, Steve Murphy (Liberal Democrat) 1493 - ELECTED.

Hailsham New Town: Neil Cleaver (Liberal Democrat) 814, Gerard Fox (Conservative) 1282 - ELECTED, Laurence Keeley (Independent) 337, Christopher Morris (Labour) 261.

Heathfield and Mayfield: Jane Clark (Liberal Democrat) 354, Jennifer Howells (Green) 612, Jason Scott-Taggart (Labour) 383, Rupert Simmons (Conservative) 1,954 - ELECTED.

Maresfield and Buxted: Nigel Doggett (Labour) 314, Roy Galley (Conservative) 2360 - ELECTED, Elizabeth Riminton (Liberal Democrat) 438, Ian Tysh (Green) 670.

Pevensey and Stone Cross: Mark Fairweather (Liberal Democrat) 709, Tom Liddiard (Conservative) 1212 - ELECTED, Mike Pursglove (Ukip) 203and Robert Slater (Independent) 293.

Polegate and Watermill: Adrienne Hall (Green) 154, Olivia Honeyman (Liberal Democrat) 167, Paul Hunt (Labour) 231, Chris Primett (Conservative) 986, Daniel Shing (Independent) 1825 - ELECTED.

Uckfield North: Claire Dowling (Conservative) 1295 - ELECTED, Timothy Murray (Liberal Democrat) 1010, Paul Shelton (Green) 347.

Uckfield South with Framfield: Chris Bowers (Liberal Democrat) 513, Ben Cox (Labour) 1092, Chris Dowling (Conservative) 1460 - ELECTED.

Wealden East: Bob Bowdler (Conservative) 2015 - ELECTED, Barry Simons (Labour) 292, Cornelie Usborne (Green) 1754.

Wealden North East: Simon Cramond (Green) 461, Lucy Pop Buck (Lib Dem) 714, Bob Standley (Conservative) 1628 - ELECTED, James Walker (Labour) 436

Willingdon and South Downs: Douglas Murray (Conservative) 1377, Hugh Parker (Liberal Democrat) 362, Stephen Shing (Independent) 2077 - ELECTED.