Care of the elderly: Colin Poulter, British National Party

IT IS a very foolish government, council or other organisation that does not listen to its most experienced, knowledgeable and possibly wisest advisors.

There are many circumstances that afflict our senior citizens and continuing to pick at them like a bird pecking at seeds is not good enough!

To utilise the knowledge and wisdom of senior citizens, I would organise a seniors' council, the basics are all ready in place. Senior citizens in each ward in the town would select a delegate by majority vote. The delegates could easily be afforded office accommodation and materials in order to carry out their duties.

The selected delegates would then form an advisory council to supply information and points of view, regarding senior citizens and other matters, to the borough council, police or other service providers.

They would be in a position to receive queries upon relevant matters and then ask the senior's in their respective wards for observations and information regarding those matters.

The BNP is committed to raising the pension of our OAPs to more than 200 per week which will be possible once totally wasteful and unnecessary spending has been eliminated.