Boris Johnson is the man to deliver Brexit – says former Eastbourne MP as next Prime Minister announced

Eastbourne’s former MP says Boris Johnson will be able to move the country forward and deliver Brexit.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 1:35 pm

Mr Johnson won the Conservative leadership election with a majority of 66 per cent to his opponent Jeremy Hunt’s 34 per cent, it was announced today (July 23).

The town’s former Conservative MP Caroline Ansell said, “Breaking the deadlock and delivering Brexit is the single greatest challenge facing our new Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson visits Eastbourne with Caroline Ansell, photo by Mark Dimmock

“For that reason, I supported Boris Johnson to become Conservative party leader and PM. I believe he has the conviction, the will and critically the credentials when it comes to leaving the EU and honouring the referendum result.

“His win means there can be no more of the criticism and suspicion that dogged Theresa May as a former remainer. Boris campaigned for Brexit and later resigned his cabinet post as foreign secretary in protest over the flawed and faulty withdrawal deal. It is my firm belief this is his moment.

“However, to deliver Brexit is to command the House of Commons. With Labour now posturing for remain and agitating for a General Election in unison with the Liberal Democrats we’ll see what MPs will now do and what can be achieved with such a slim majority.

“What I know for sure though is that more time - another extension - will not resolve this. Time hasn’t been the problem, it won’t be the solution now. We must leave.

Boris Johnson visits Eastbourne with Caroline Ansell, photo Mark Dimmock

“Bold action is required and I look to our new PM to move the country forward. It won’t be easy, but I think he is the man to do it.”

Mr Johnson visited Eastbourne back in June 2017 when he was Foreign Secretary.

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Boris Johnson visits Eastbourne with Caroline Ansell, photo Mark Dimmock