Banned speaker hits back at Eastbourne council

Controversial commentator Katie Hopkins, who has been banned from speaking at an Eastbourne venue this weekend, has hit back at her critics.

Monday, 8th July 2019, 4:47 pm

The broadcaster was due to give a speech at the UKIP south eastern region’s one day conference at the newly opened Welcome Building next to the Congress Theatre on Saturday (July 13).

But Eastbourne council, which owns and runs the venue, said last week that Ms Hopkins would not be welcome because of public safety.

Ms Hopkins told the Herald today, “The council has done rather more than ask that I not attend. The venue will not host the conference if I am a speaker. And the dinner venue has also been pressurised into cancelling the UKIP dinner one week before the event.

“To those who were looking forward to hearing me speak, or spending time together - I apologise for the cowardice of Eastbourne council and the venues so quick to bow to low-level pressure.

“I am undeterred. The more the left try to silence us, the louder we become. We will prevail and I will be heard.

“When we leave the EU - as we surely will - it will be thanks to the stoicism and tenacity of the UKIP faithful.

“The small-minded councillors of Eastbourne are truly insignificant by comparison.”

The venue ban came after campaign groups from Brighton, who accuse Ms Hopkins of being a racist, threatened to protest outside the Welcome Building if Ms Hopkins attended.

Demonstrations were also planned at the Lansdowne Hotel too where UKIP was holding a gala dinner, but that was also cancelled by the hotel due to unforseen circumstances.