Political row over Eastbourne Lib Dem flyer


Eastbourne Conservatives are complaining about a ‘misleading’ political leaflet which they claim suggests Stephen Lloyd is still a Liberal Democrat MP in Parliament.

The handout was circulated in Old Town at the weekend and describes Mr Lloyd as ‘your Lib Dem MP’.

Lib Dem flyer SUS-190219-160157001

Lib Dem flyer SUS-190219-160157001

Mr Lloyd has resigned the Liberal Democrat whip in Parliament and sits as an independent. However, Mr Lloyd said that although he has resigned the whip in Parliament, he is still a Lib Dem MP here in Eastbourne.

“We are very concerned this leaflet is misleading the good people of Eastbourne when it’s a fact Stephen Lloyd is no longer a Lib Dem MP,” said Eastbourne Conservative Association chairman Colin Belsey.

“We have made our feelings clear to the borough council on this issue but the reply we have got is really brushing off our concerns.

“Mr Lloyd may still be a member of the Liberal Democrat party but he’s not a Lib Dem MP. This leaflet is misleading in our view and the Lib Dens should withdraw it and apologise.

Councillor Colin Belsey

Councillor Colin Belsey

“I understand why the Lib Dems want to have their cake and eat it with Mr Lloyd.

“But this, in my opinion, is hypocritical. He has betrayed their party policy on Brexit and he’s very unpopular with party members locally.

“Mr Lloyd is manipulating his stance to mislead the people of Eastbourne. It’s a shame that the Lib Dems can’t be honest about Mr Lloyd’s position.”

Mr Lloyd said, “The local Tories clearly have so little to say and so little to offer Eastbourne they have time to spend on this storm in a teacup.

“As folk well know, I resigned the party whip in Westminster because I always put my promise to our town first.

“And that I’ve been clear for almost three years now, whatever my own personal views, that I would back a Withdrawal Bill from the EU.

“In Eastbourne though I remain a Lib Dem MP and will do all I can to help ensure we retain control of the Borough council at the local elections this May.

“Only last weekend in fact, I welcomed 40 local campaigners to an event run from my own house in Old Town.

“Between us we hand-delivered our newsletter to the whole Ward and the reception on the doorstep was absolutely brilliant.”