Police warning over heating oil thieves

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heating oil ENGSUS00120130326153054

Homeowners are being warned to be on their guard after a fresh spate of heating oil thefts across Wealden.

Hailsham Police say that once again officers are seeing an increase in reports of the theft of heating oil.

The oil is stored in tanks on properties to heat homes in remote areas and as the cost of fuel has gone up, so have the number of thefts from tanks.

“Once again we are seeing an increase in reports of theft of heating oil,” said a spokesperson for Wealden Neighbourhood Policing teams.

“This was a problem across Wealden last year and it seems it is starting again. We can give advice on how people can protect their oil tank to make it less appealing to thieves. However for this type of crime to stop we need to catch the offenders.

“We are currently investigating a number of these crimes and our local Neighbourhood Policing Team is visiting a number of properties to offer crime prevention advice.

“Late night patrols of vulnerable hotspot areas are also being undertaken by officers.

“Please help us in reducing this crime by reporting all suspicious activity. If you see someone in a vehicle checking out oil tanks let us know. Be extra vigilant after oil deliveries and report anything suspicious.

“Report any alarm activations immediately. By reporting all suspicious activity you help us in building a bigger picture and catch the criminal.”

For information on oil tank security visit www.oiltheftwatch.org