Police warning about increase in burglaries during warm weather

Sussex Police has warned people not to let the warm weather make them an easy target for burglars after a spate of thefts across the town this month.

Since the beginning of April, offenders have targeted five homes in Eastbourne in Grampian Close, Upper Ratton Drive, Whitley Road, Larkspur Drive and The Goffs.

As temperatures continue to rise, people begin leaving windows open during the day and night to keep their properties cooler. However, that means homes become an easier target for burglars - unless residents take steps to protect them.

Detective Inspector Clare Shiel, of the priority crime team, said, “My team works tirelessly to catch criminals but this is a plea to our residents to keep their homes secure to the reduce the risk of burglary.

“This means ensuring that all windows and doors are locked when not at home and if windows are left open at night then checking that they have a locking device to prevent intruders from entering.

“We are continuing to increase patrols in our crime hot spots in the city but as the warm weather approaches the offenders will be on the look out for opportunities so this needs to be a joint effort from both the police and public to keep homes secure to reduce the risk of burglary.”

Sussex Police has issued a list of basic crime prevention tips including locking all doors and windows, even fan-light windows and especially those on the ground floor or above flat roof areas, putting away gardens tools and ladders that can be used to break windows and keeping all wallets, purses, credit cards, car keys and other valuables out of sight.

If you would like a visit from a crime prevention officer, contact your local PSCO by visiting www.sussex.police.uk.