Police warn ‘roof running’ youths

broad_street_seaford SUS-140714-121726001
broad_street_seaford SUS-140714-121726001

Police have warned a group of ‘free running’ youngsters who were jumping from roofs in Seaford they could have seriously injured themselves or someone on the ground.

Neighbourhood policing officers found the young people, warned them about their behaviour and spoke to their parents.

The police search began after complaints were received about youngsters climbing onto buildings in and around Broad Street.

PCSO Daniel Turk said, “It was suggested they are taking part in ‘free running ‘ which can include jumping from one building to another. Not only is this dangerous but it can cause damage to the buildings. We are concerned that somebody might fall and seriously hurt themselves or dislodge more tiles and masonry and injure somebody on the ground.”

Police issued the warning following a number of reports over the last week. They also issued a photo of one who is believe to have been involved in damaging the roof of St Leonard’s Church Hall and a nearby car.

The youths involved were caught on CCTV on Thursday evening, July 3. At the time PCSO Turk explained he and his colleagues were keen to hear from anyone who knew their identity and he now urges people who see similar activity to report it immediately before an accident happens. Information to police on: 101 .