Police to tackle burglars in week long event

Police are cracking down on doemstic burglaries
Police are cracking down on doemstic burglaries

Policing teams in Sussex are running a week of local and cross-border burglary operations.

Officers are working alongside Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and officers in neighbouring forces during the week of action, which started yesterday (Monday).

The week forms part of Operation Magpie, Sussex Police’s crackdown on domestic burglaries across the county.

Cross border operations run jointly with Kent and Surrey police will use automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology to target burglars who operate across the region.

Based at locations around the county, these operations will be run with the intention of denying the use of the roads to burglars.

Residents living in historic and current burglary hotspots will be visited by local neighbourhood policing teams and special constables who will provide crime prevention advice and encourage people to report any suspicious behaviour.

Plain clothed patrols will also take place in areas where suspicious behaviour has been reported.

Crime prevention stands, street briefings and roadshows will be led by crime prevention officers and PCSOs.

Chief Inspector Katy Woolford said, “Since January, 244 people have been charged with a total of 414 burglary offences in Sussex.

“Our officers, staff and volunteers are working to do everything possible to crack down on burglary.

“We know that the majority of burglars are opportunists who will exploit any opportunity to get their hands on other people’s property.

“You can help us to tackle burglary in Sussex by taking every step possible to keep your home secure – simple measures like double-locking your front door and using window locks are proven to be effective deterrents.”

Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne, said she would be joining officers to see the operation in action, adding, “I am pleased to see Sussex Police focusing on tackling burglary, especially at this time of year when burglaries typically increase due to the darker evenings.

“During my last monthly performance and accountability meeting with the Chief Constable I was encouraged to hear that Operation Magpie is starting to yield positive results.

“However, I am not complacent.

“Residents tell me that burglary is a concern to them and I will continue to challenge the Chief Constable on this issue.”