Police probe vandalism, arson and shooting claims

Hailsham. The Common Pond. August 2nd 2011 ENGSNL00120110208152656
Hailsham. The Common Pond. August 2nd 2011 ENGSNL00120110208152656

Police are searching for witnesses after a spate of incidents at a pond in Hailsham including vandalism, arson and the possible shooting of a duck and goose.

Police said the incidents have taken place at the pond in Station Road.

All have occurred between the hours of 3pm and 1.30am, and officers are keen to hear from anyone who frequents the area and who may have noticed suspicious people, vehicles or activity.

Police said a duck and a goose have been removed frrom the pond, possibly having been shot.

They also said a picnic table and seats were set alight and then removed.

Fencing at the rear of the pond,near Archery Walk, has been damaged, and a newly-planted ornamental cherry tree has been destroyed.

A spokesman for Sussex Police said, “Recent weeks have seen a spate of incidents at the pond in Station Road, Hailsham, which have been brought to the attention of the police.

“Anyone able to provide information that may lead to offenders being identified is asked to phone Sussex Police.”

One resident, who frequently visits the pond, but who did not want to be named, told the Gazette he was devastated that the pond had been subject to vandalism.

He said, “Hailsham Pond is a green lung in the townscape. It is a tranquil and peaceful spot. It is such a shame such mindless vandalism should happen here and ruin it for the others. I visit the pond quite often and we haven’t really had anything like this for such a long time. I noticed that a picnic table was missing as I usually like to have lunch there. But to learn that this has been happening is awful. I would like to say to the people doing this, please stop, it is such a beautiful part of the town, and do not ruin it for everyone else.”