Police name and shame drivers in drink crackdown

Drink-drive Rye
Drink-drive Rye

An Eastbourne man was one of seven people arrested for drink-related driving offences in the first few hours of a police crackdown across Sussex.

Danny Saunders, 27, of Salvador Close, was stopped at a police spot check in Castle Road, Pevensey, at 8am on Sunday.

He was charged with failing to provide a specimen and released on bail to appear at Hastings Magistrates Court on December 20.

Police have said this year they are ‘naming and shaming’ everyone they arrest in connection with drink driving.

Chief Inspector Natalie Moloney said, “It is sad that so many people ignored the warnings that we would be looking for drink-drivers and have been charged with offences within hours of the start of the campaign.

“The arrests and the naming of those charged with offences will continue across the county throughout the month.

“This campaign will help make the roads safer by reducing accidents and getting drink-drivers off the roads. Please don’t join our statistics this month.”

During December 2012, a total of 3,987 motorists were breathalised and 128 people were arrested for drink driving offences in Sussex.

Chf Insp Moloney added, “There is no excuse for driving while over the limit. Taking drugs or drinking and then driving puts people’s lives at risk – not just the offenders but anyone using the same road as them.

“They believe the law does not apply to them and clearly either don’t recognise the consequences or don’t care.

“We aim to do all we can to prevent that sort of behaviour. I hope identifying all those who are o appear in court because of drink or drug driving will act as a deterrent and make Sussex safer for all road users.”