Police clamp down on pavement cycling in Eastbourne town centre

Police clamp down on cycling on pavements SUS-141017-153952001
Police clamp down on cycling on pavements SUS-141017-153952001

Cycling on pavements through the town centre was tackled by the police and council on Monday (October 13).

Eastbourne Borough Council’s Neighbourhood First and town centre Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) worked together to tackle cycling on pedestrian areas in Terminus Road.

Cycling on footpaths has become a contentious issue in the town and Section 72 of the Highways Act 1835 makes it an offence to ‘wilfully ride a pedal cycle on a footpath made for the accommodation of foot passengers’. Anyone caught doing so risks a fixed penalty of £50.

PCSO Zoe Ayres said, “We are trying to educate people rather than use enforcement, although penalty tickets were issued.

“Some 15 people were spoken to about cycling in the pedestrian area and advised to ride on the road for pedestrian safety.

“I would like to ask all cyclists to be mindful of where and how they cycle, and not to ride on pavements unless there is a dedicated cycle path.”

Similar events are being planned for other parts of Eastbourne. If you would like to speak to your local officer concerning issues that surround this topic, please visit www.sussex.police.uk/help-centre/your-local-district/eastbourne.