Police call time on smart phone thefts in venues across Eastbourne


Police in Eastbourne have called time on the opportunistic theft of high-value smart phones in pubs and clubs across the town.

Last month undercover officers went into several busy premises in a bid to identify and prosecute those responsible for such offences.

Three arrests were made as part of the drive, Operation Sim, with offences believed to have been motivated by a mixture of opportunism and drinking.

With smart phones costing between £300 and £500 there is a ready market for second hand examples.

The three people arrested have all received community punishments and been banned from specific venues.

PC Jamie Sykes, licensing officer for the Eastbourne area, said, “This type of work could not be undertaken without the complete support of licensees and staff at the pubs and clubs involved.

“It clearly shows that they take their responsibilities seriously and will do their utmost to keep their customers and their property safe.

“Eastbourne police enjoy a good partnership working relationship with all the licensees and plan to carry out similar operations in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year.

“The biggest message to all those using pubs and clubs in Eastbourne over the festive period is be safe and keep your proerty safe, too.”