Polegate: Charity shop starts loyalty card scheme

The new reward card on show at Polegate's Salvation Army shop
The new reward card on show at Polegate's Salvation Army shop

THE SALVATION Army’s Polegate charity shop has launched a customer loyalty card scheme this week.

The card will help customers’ budgets stretch further by giving them the chance to earn up to £15 worth of rewards for shopping and donating.

The High Street shop’s new re:ward card is a free, double-sided loyalty card that rewards customers each time they spend £5 in the shop or donate their unwanted items using one of the shop’s reusable re:bags.

Each time a customer spends £5 in store, one side of their re:ward card, entitled re:visit will be stamped – 10 stamps entitles the customers to a £5 credit to spend at the charity shop.

On the other side of the card is the reward scheme for donations to the store, which works in conjunction with a re:bag – a reusable black, white and red bag that can be bought for 99p. Each time a re:bag is brought into the store full of donations, a stamp to the value of £2 will be given, replacing the current system of issuing £2 vouchers. The customer can redeem their £2 stamp straightaway, or save up the stamps to spend together, with each card having space for up to five re:bag credits.

There is no limit to how many re:ward cards a customer can complete and no paperwork to fill out, with shoppers simply picking a card up in the shop and presenting it to staff to receive their stamps.

Sally Walters, area manager for Salvation Army Trading Company, said, “In total, each re:ward card is worth up to £15 to regular customers who can earn £5 for shopping with us and £10 for donating to us, although it can be used just for donating or shopping – there’s no requirement to use both sides.

“With everyone’s spending power being stretched at the moment we hope that the re:ward cards will prove popular with our existing customers and encourage new shoppers to pop in and see what bargains we have on sale.”

For more information on the new re:ward scheme, visit www.wear2shop.co.uk or pop into the Polegate shop to pick up your free card.