Please don’t tamper with fishing nets

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A FISHERMAN is urging people to stay away from fishing nets along the shore after one of his was cut and dead fish were left floating in the sea.

Paul Humble says people should not tamper with what they believe to be discarded fishing nets since they are likely to have been left overnight to catch fish with fishermen returning the next day.

There have been several incidents of nets being cut by people and fishermen returning to collect their catch the next day only to find nets have been severely damaged and the fish have been left to rot in the sea.

Last week Mr Humble said one his nets – which each cost £100, measure 68 metres long and sit four feet off the seabed – was cut after it had been put down off Holywell to catch fish.

Mr Humble, who works with Phil Parker catching sole and bass onboard Meridian working out of Sovereign Harbour, said people should stay away if they see nets close to the shore.

“People might think it’s fisherman discarding their nets but that’s not the case and the nets are still fishing.

“We leave them and when we go back to them, the nets have been cut with knives.

“It’s done by either someone thinking it’s rubbish floating at sea and it needs to be tidied away or someone very mindless and stupid.

“Because the nets keep fishing, the fish are just dying needlessly and the next thing us fishermen are being blamed for discarding our nets.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

“People should stay away from our nets.”