Planting for Prosperity in the streets of Little Chelsea

Town Team planting party SUS-140520-155401001
Town Team planting party SUS-140520-155401001

‘Planting for prosperity’ is the motto of a new High Street initiative from the Town Team.

They joined forces with Little Chelsea Traders, Edible Eastbourne, local allotments and University of Brighton students to kickstart a pilot scheme to reintroduce hanging baskets and edible planting to a section of the town after being cut from council budgets years ago.

The aim is to roll out the initiative across town, built on a sustainable model of community involvement and shop owner participation.

Penny Shearer, from the Town Team, said, “The clever thing about this is that instead of relying on other people to grow, plant and maintain the plants, we’re working with different parts of the community.”

Shop keepers are watering and maintaining their own plants, allotment growers will begin to help replenish flowers and plants, specialists like Edible Eastbourne are deciding what plants will flourish in the conditions and Town Team are organising it, with the incredible support of university students on a PR course.

The project was officially launched with a celebratory planting party, where Town Team invited the community and businesses along to take part in the planting and transporting the pots and tubs to the various locations around Little Chelsea.

Volunteers got their green fingers dirty potting more than 1,000 plants into the tubs and hanging baskets, with the deputy mayor Councillor Jim Murray joining in to support.

The plants, which included a mixture of herbs, flowers and fruits, were then delivered to the 95 businesses along South Street, Grove Road and Grand Hotel Buildings.

Once the plants have grown, shop keepers will invite customers to help themselves to some leaves to use in salads.