Plans to relocate council staff running to schedule

PLANS to relocate 250 council staff in a bid to save £300,000 are running to schedule, according to the council executive.

Eastbourne Borough Council says the £2.6m ‘agile working programme’ plan to vacate 68 Grove Road, moving all council workers to 1 Grove Road by March 14, is on time.

The council’s new site is designed around the principle of staff being able to work remotely, with no fixed office space.

The council believes it will save more than £3m over 10 years.

Councillor David Tutt said, “The roll out of the agile working programme means staff will have more opportunities to work remotely, spending less time in the office and more out in the community delivering services for our residents.

“I am really excited that, as a council, we can introduce such a flexible scheme, which will allow staff to have more freedom over where and how they work and live.

“There will be less pressure to be permanently based in the office and it will mean we can provide a far greater service for our customers being out and about in the borough.”

Building work on 1 Grove Road is expected to be completed by January 31 and all staff must clear the old building before the council’s lease ends on March 24.

All staff will also be equipped with new technology, including new laptops, Blackberry mobile phones and office furniture in their homes.

Although the council has overspent by £305,000 on building costs, project management and business setup, they have also saved across other areas and the project is set to finish £100,000 below budget.