Plans for Terminus Road improvement are unveiled

Eastbourne Terminus Road
Eastbourne Terminus Road

Am ambitious multi-million pound plan to improve Terminus Road has received a mixed reaction.

Proposals to move the Diesel Alley bus area around the corner into Cornfield Road have already hit the headlines but last week the highways authority revealed it was looking at introducing a shared space roundel outside the railway station where Gildredge Road, Ashford Road, Terminus Road and Station Parade meet and unattractive barriers and road crossings could be removed. A £3 million budget to deliver the improvement scheme has already been ring-fenced and both the borough and county councils are eager to get things moving.

Yesterday senior politicians David Tutt and David Elkin said, “The re-design of Terminus Road is an integral part of the exciting plans for the Arndale Centre and the future of our town centre. Last week we had the tremendous news from Legal & General confirming H&M is the first major new retailer to sign up to the Arndale extension. It is therefore very positive and appropriate that the councils will be ready with our complementary scheme for Terminus Road for when the extension opens.

“The current option to widen pedestrian areas along Terminus Road, install modern crossings and re-position bus stops towards Bankers Corner and Cornfield Road is at present the only viable option. We have a ring-fenced budget to deliver this scheme and it is vital we seize this opportunity and start work. We are launching a new study into other options for town centre traffic, including a new look at the ring road including Ashford Road, but this will take some time and should not distract from improving Terminus Road in the short term.”

While nobody doubts the improvements are long overdue, there is some discontentment over moving Diesel Alley around the corner into Cornfield Road and the Chamber of Commerce, Eastbourne Town Team and Eastbourne Can would prefer to see the whole of Terminus Road pedestrianised from the station to the seafront and the bus area moved to the back of the railway station in Ashford Road, on land owned by the railways.

Christina Ewbank at the Town Team said, “Terminus Road should be peppered with alfresco restaurants and cafés from the station to the seafront.”

Eastbourne Can’s Will Callaghan added, “A great pedestrian friendly boulevard from station to seafront is a grand vision our Victorian forebears would have appreciated.”