Plans for A27 improvement move a step closer to reality

A27 Lewis to Polegate road near Drusillas. January 22nd 2014 E03206Q ENGSUS00120140122155801
A27 Lewis to Polegate road near Drusillas. January 22nd 2014 E03206Q ENGSUS00120140122155801

Plans to improve the heavily-used A27 between Polegate and Lewes have taken a step closer to becoming reality.

The proposal was passed through to the second stage of the Department of Transport consultation process following a meeting of the A27 Reference Group in Worthing.

The decision now means the plans will move on from the initial data gathering stage to stage two, which hopes to identify the range of infrastructure proposals for improving the road.

Councillor Caroline Ansell said, “This is an important milestone in a Department for Transport study that could mean serious investment in the road, improving safety and unlocking economic potential for Eastbourne and the surrounding area. I’m delighted, but there’s a long way to go yet.

“Stage two looks at identifying the range of infrastructure proposals that could address the problems along the A27 – those being safety, resilience and journey times. We will see these in early August. The third and final stage sifts these proposals according to ‘deliverability, feasibility and value for money’. A decision is anticipated late autumn.”

A number of alternative methods to road building were also brought to attention at the meeting, such as real time traffic information boards and reducing demand for travel.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, “The initial document published by the Department for Transport sold our town short and I was pleased to be able to join the Chamber and others in correcting the facts in our own detailed submissions to their consultation.

“At the meeting on Tuesday I ensured that our corrections were taken on board and the full facts around road safety and the impact that this dreadful road has on our local economy were being correctly assessed.

“The A27 desperately needs improvement between Lewes and Eastbourne and I look forward to helping the Government achieve this.”

The A27 Reference Group will meet again in August.