Plans for a skate park in Manor Gardens

THE WHEELS are in motion for a skate park in Gildredge Park.

A meeting will be held in Eastbourne in September outlining a number of options for developing facilities for young people in the park.

Among them is a plan to convert the old tennis courts in Manor Gardens into a skate park with money coming from the National Lottery.

Council officers say recent public consultation identified the west part of the town and Gildredge Park is already is very popular with teenagers who enjoy a range of activities within it.

In addition almost 600 people have signed up to a social networking page on Facebook.

Neil Stanley, the Liberal Democrat councillor for tourism and leisure portfolio on Eastbourne Borough Council, said, “We are aware of many hundreds of young people who, through social media, have confirmed their desire to one day have a skate park in Gildredge Park.

“There are several old tennis courts in the Manor Gardens part of Gildredge Park. One of the courts is in need of extensive repairs and may provide a space suitable for a small skate park.

“The top end of the park already attracts groups of teenagers and some anti-social behaviour. It is hoped that these incidents would reduce significantly by having a structured facility.”

The council’s Cabinet meeting will take place on September 7.