Plans for a new chalet are met with objections

Moorings Car Park Seaville Drive Pevensey Bay SUS-150422-144743001
Moorings Car Park Seaville Drive Pevensey Bay SUS-150422-144743001

A planning application to build a chalet on Pevensey Bay beach has been met with fierce objections from nearby residents.

The proposal was submitted to Wealden District Council by Mrs Michelle Private, who is associated with The Moorings Restaurant on Seaville Drive.

The application is to build one chalet on land next to the popular restaurant, to the north of Seaville House.

However, despite the proposal stating the development would be on vacant land, residents have raised objections, arguing that the site is currently used as a car park.

Alison Smith, who lives on Seaville Drive, said, “Around 20 residents who live on this road have formed a group to object to this planning application. The land where they want to build is used as a car park for not only residents of Seaville House but also the restaurant’s staff and customers.

“Seaville Road is very narrow and has double yellow lines down one side. Residents can barely ever park outside their own home, emergency vehicles struggle to get along the road and the restaurant’s delivery trucks find it impossible to manoeuvre. By getting rid of the car park, it will only add to the number of cars on the road and make it unsafe.

“The Moorings Restaurant has gradually expanded over recent years but we feel this is one expansion too far.”

A total of 19 official objections have been made to Wealden District Council so far. Other complaints mentioned by neighbours include blocking out light to properties and invasion of privacy as occupiers of a new chalet would be able to see into nearby houses.

Pevensey Parish Council had no objections to the plan.

The Moorings Restaurant and those associated with it declined to comment.