Planning a party? Then let us know

Are you planning a street party?
Are you planning a street party?

THE COUNCIL has peeled back red tape and now the Herald is calling on Eastbourne residents to unfurl street-party bunting as the royal wedding approaches.

A dark cloud settled over the nation’s street-party spirit when councils across the land imposed strict conditions on communities trying to organise events on Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day.

But the gloom lifted and the Herald wants to hear from all residents planning a community celebration on April 29.

Eastbourne Borough Council advises keen party organisers to apply for road closures at least six weeks in advance.

Editor-in-chief of the Herald Keith Ridley said, “The royal wedding is a wonderful opportunity to bring the town together. What better way than for neighbours and friends to join together for street parties?

“We know many are already planning these get-togethers within their neighbourhoods. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be a street party, it could be community centre, a cub or a guide group, or even a children’s football club. All we’re looking for is for people to come together and to celebrate.”

Some rules do exist. Neighbours must be notified, noise must be kept to a reasonable level and the street must be returned to its original state.

Leader of the council councillor David Tutt said, “The council wants more local communities to and take advantage of the new flexible process we’ve introduced.”

Pashley Road and Arlington Road residents’ preparations are underway but the Herald wants to hear from all street party-planners across Eastbourne.

Mr Ridley added, “Eastbourne has a great royal tradition, so why not set our stall to have more parties than any other comparable town in the south-east? We’ll do our best to take photographs of as many parties as possible.

“What’s crucial is that where a street closure is necessary, you make the application now before it’s too late. Please get cracking - and let’s see Eastbourne let its hair down on April 29.”

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If you are already in the middle of party-planning call the Herald so we can cover it: 414488.