Plan to dim street lights gets go-ahead

PUB-GOERS and late-night dog walkers face heading home in the dark following planned changes to street lighting in Seaford.

Proposals have been put forward by East Sussex County Council (ESCC) to reduce the number of lights and dim others in a bid to save money.

A meeting was held back in May so that residents could comment on the plans.

The proposals include turning off some street lights after midnight, reducing the number of lights in some streets and dimming others between midnight and the early hours to help slash the £1million plus the council spends on electricity for street lighting.

Following the consultation roads including Hindover, Crooked Lane, Crouch Lane and East Street - which were recommended to have lighting turned off completely between the hours of 12.30am and 5.30am - are now set to have 50 per cent of lighting units remaining on all night.

However, roads in and around the town centre such as Pelham Road, West View and Ringmer Road will have all lights switched off between those five hours. Others include Chyngton Way, South Way and Links Road. This follows consultation with the public, police and Seaford Town Council.

Concerns flagged up by residents included the possibility of crime going up - with one siting ‘darkness is a criminal’s friend’ - while worries over not being seen by motorists being injured were also highlighted.

Some people with concerns said they preferred the dimming of lights rather than a complete switch off.

Fifteen per cent said they were against the proposals or wanted to see it remain as it was with 11 per cent indicating no opinion either way but asking the council to consider their concerns about a specific area.

Thirty seven per cent were broadly in favour but also asked for their concerns about a particular area to be taken into account with the same percentage in favour of the plans.

The county says plans to use part-night lighting, dimmed lighting and lower-wattage bulbs is to reduce energy consumption, carbon missions and lower its electricity bills.

A spokesman for ESCC said, “We would like to thank everyone who came along to the consultation event and who replied online.

“Generally there was broad support for our proposals, but we’ve listened to local views and made one or two changes.

“Hindover Road, Crooked Lane, Crouch Lane and East Street will have half of the lights left on all night and Blatchington Road, Church Street, Pelham Yard and the High Street will be left fully lit. The results of the consultation are available on our website under ‘Have your say’.”

Anyone requesting further information about the changes can email the contact centre at: or call: 0345 60 80 193.