Pick-up a copy of Just Sing!

Mavis and Micheal Sellings, CD for Pevensey Ward appeal January 18th 2013 E04011P
Mavis and Micheal Sellings, CD for Pevensey Ward appeal January 18th 2013 E04011P

A leukaemia sufferer and musician who wrote a song while having chemotherapy is now releasing it on CD to raise money for The Pevensey Ward Appeal.

Michael Sellings lives in Pevensey Bay with his wife Mavis. He is musical director and pianist of a local concert party called the Evergreen Singers. His wife Mavis is compere of the group.

Michael has always had a passion for music and he wrote a song while he was having his chemotherapy.

He already had the melody, which he had previously created on a synthesiser.

He started to write the word to fit the melody and said they came to him very easily.

He said, “I wrote it for something to do while I was receiving my treatment.”

Wife Mavis added, “It has very uplifting words.”

The song is called Just Sing! and when Michael started playing it to people it proved to be a hit.

He then contacted the Gilbert and Sullivan Society to see if they would like to collaborate with the Evergreen Singers to record a CD for charity.

Michael said, “We decided to record this song in order to raise funds for the Pevensey Ward at the Eastbourne DGH.

“Our reason for this was because five of The Evergreen Singers, including myself, have had cancer and have therefore needed treatment at that very same ward.

“In fact two of our group are currently undergoing treatment there and so were unfortunately too ill to take part in making this single.

“So you could say it’s very much a personal cause for us.”

The word of Just Sing! are positive and Michael added, “ We wanted it to be a joyful song infused with hope.

“It starts off slow and languid, but then develops in to a pulsating rhythm.”

Michael and Mavis say they have received excellent feedback from people who have listened to Just Sing! and they say it is suitable for all ages.

Mavis said, “Our 14-year-old grandson loves it.

“He has got it on repeat most of the time – I think his mum might be getting a little bit sick of it now though.”
And Micheal added, “You can’t really categorise the song. It doesn’t have a genre – it is unique.

“Some people who have heard it have said it would work well in any West End Show.”
Since recording Just Sing!, Michael and Mavis have been working hard to have the CDs made and arrange places to offer the CD to locals in exchange for a donation.

The suggested minimum donation is £3 and the couple are hoping to raise as much money as possible for the Pevensey Ward Appeal.

Michael is now in remission and says the CD is his thank you to the ward.

He said, “We believe Just Sing! will have universal appeal, but we also hope our message reaches those affected by the disease – both survivors and their loved ones.”

Michael and Mavis are also appealing for more sites to offer the CD and for more singers for their group.

Anyone who can help is asked to call the couple on 767060 or email msellings@o2.co.uk.