Physiotherapists are on the ball for charity

Physiotherapists are ready for action
Physiotherapists are ready for action

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS from the Esperance Hospital are taking part in the world’s largest exercise ball class for charity.

The fundraiser takes place Hampden Park Sports Centre on Sunday May 22.

It will form part of a series of classes happening at exactly the same time across the South East.

The aim of the Big Bounce 2011 is to promote the benefits of healthy living and exercise while also raising awareness and funds for Spinal Research, a charity that has been carrying out vital research into spinal injuries since 1980.

Ruth Brown-Little, physiotherapy manager at BMI The Esperance Hospital said, “This is going to be lots of fun and it’s all for a very important cause.

“It’s great to do something for charity across the region and at the same time it allows our patients, their family and friends the opportunity to have fun and do something good for their health.

“Spinal Research is a charity that really doesn’t get a huge share of the charity limelight, yet it does such vital work.

“We are really pleased to be supporting such an important cause that is a real lifeline for people with spinal injuries.”

For more information or to register for The Big Bounce, log on to the website