Phone line failure in Hampden Park area

Residents in Hampden Park have been without phone lines for more than a week and they face a further wait.

Peter Wellfare, from Brodrick Road, said, “It seems to have affected one side of Brodrick Road and one side of the shops on Brassey Parade. It is alright if you have got a mobile but a lot of elderly people rely on their landline.”

A spokesperson from BT said it was reported on May 28 and works begun straight away.

The spokesperson added, “The work is complex and time-consuming, requiring traffic management to assist with the repairs. Two lengths of cable need to be replaced, 60 and 80 metres long.

“We have encountered many obstacles during this work but aim to complete the work by next week and are working as fast as possible to complete this job. We do apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused.”