Pevensey MP Greg praises NHS on the service’s 65th year

Greg Barker
Greg Barker

The MP for Pevensey and Westham has paid tribute to the NHS on the service’s 65th birthday.

The NHS celebrated 65 years of providing healthcare to the British people on Friday (July 5).

Tory MP Greg Barker, who represents the Pevensey and Westham area, said the party had made great improvements to the service which he described as a ‘national tresure’.

Mr Barker also paid tribute to the hard work of NHS staff .

He said Conservatives have demonstrated ‘continuing commitment’ to the NHS by increasing spending on it every year since 2010.

He added, “In our local area, this means families will see a rise in the budget available for health services from 248,475 in 2012-13 to 254,190 in 2013-14.”

Speaking on the 65th anniversary, Mr Barker said, “Even with our £12.7 billion increase in health spending, without the hard work of local NHS staff, we would not have been able to deliver faster treatments, halve hospital infection rates and virtually eliminate mixed sex wards.

“Our NHS is a national treasure.

“I’m proud this government is investing more in it.

“We should especially thank all the dedicated people who work locally in our NHS.”