Pets at Home visit after trip for Roselands is cancelled


Disappointed Roselands pupils who had their school trip to Pets at Home cancelled will now have a special visit from some of the animals that live at the store.

The five and six-year-olds at the Eastbourne school were expecting to visit the store on Lottbridge Drove last week but less than 24 hours before the visit the trip was cancelled.

Parents contacted the Herald to say the manager had said there was no record of the trip and the children could not attend.

Teresa Potter commented on the Herald’s Facebook page. She said, “It’s the way in which it was handled. The trip was cancelled the night before. Purely because the new manager didn’t have it written down. My daughter was upset that she didn’t get to go on the school trip. ”

Andrea Stone added, “No amount of persuasion from one of our lovely teachers could get them to change their minds.”

And another parent Helen Houghton added, “This left 90 children aged five and six very disappointed with no trip to go on.

“As parents we think this appalling and several parents had taken time off of work to help with the trip.”

However, after many complaints and a call to the school from Roselands acting head Susan Thompson, the manager agreed to visit the school with the pets.

Susan Thompson, acting head teacher at Roselands, said, “Unfortunately, due to circumstances at Pets at Home, we were unable take the year 1 children to visit the store as planned last week.

“I was disappointed about this as were the staff, children and parents. However, Pets at Home came to visit the school on Monday.”

A Pets at Home spokesperson said, “At Pets at Home we are all passionate about pets.

“We believe it is important to help young children understand what is involved in looking after pets responsibly so we were really sorry that we had to disappoint the Year One classes at Roselands school by cancelling a store visit at short notice.

“To make up for this we visited the school on Monday (October 20) with a selection of our furry and scaly friends and some of our human colleagues too.”