Petrol panic eases over the weekend

PETROL stations across Eastbourne were left dry last week as the town’s motorists were panic buying ahead of a possible tanker driver strike.

Petrol stations across the town had long queues and the United, next to the Trinity Place car park, and the Old Town station, opposite Waitrose, ran out of fuel.

Susan Malyan, a cashier at United, spoke to the Gazette on Thursday morning and explained there had been 20-minute queues since the delivery arrived at 7.30am.

Ms Malyan said, “I would not really say we are concerned, we are continuing to get our daily deliveries and when that is gone it is gone until the next morning.”

Nearly all the town’s petrol stations including ASDA, Tesco and Langney’s Esso garage had long queues.

This panic buying started with the news that hundreds of petrol tank drivers could strike in a row over working conditions and pay.

Over the weekend the panic buying stopped as tanker drivers ruled out an Easter strike.

However, East Sussex Fire and Rescue has warned people about the dangers of storing petrol.

Andy Reynolds, director of protection and prevention at the fire service, said, “At present there is no reason to believe that there will be any petrol shortage and our advice to members of the public is not to store any additional supplies.

“However, for those people that do, please remember that petrol is classed as highly flammable and produces explosive vapour at room temperature. Treat it with care.”

Left: Queues formed at Trinity Trees as the height of last week’s petrol panic (E13204)