Petition against new harbour homes

Jan weeks (chairman) with husband Ian (comunication officer) with other protestors
Jan weeks (chairman) with husband Ian (comunication officer) with other protestors
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MORE than 400 Sovereign Harbour residents turned out in force to oppose council housing development plans.

Four-hundred and thirty-seven residents signed a petition objecting to any further development in the harbour at Eastbourne Borough Council’s consultation last Saturday (January 22) at Haven School.

The council plans on granting planning permission to developer Carillion for 150 homes on seven sites in the community, which residents have said is already ‘unsustainable’.

Chairman of the Sovereign Harbour Residents Association Jan Weeks penned a letter to the council chief executive Rob Cottrill protesting against proposed development and urging the council to rethink its proposal.

She wrote, “The problems of Sovereign Harbour have been the result of the borough council’s abject failure to control the developers. It is now totally unacceptable the council should be following a policy that will further damage any possibility of creating the sustainable mixed-use community that was originally conceived, and which Harbour residents bought into.

“The original development plan promised a work-life‟ environment which, because of the council’s failings, has still not been provided, and seems unlikely ever to be provided.”