Upset at shop selling Golliwogs on Eastbourne seafront

A woman said she was “shocked” and disgusted to discover a shop on Eastbourne seafront selling Golliwog toys.

Wednesday, 17th July 2019, 7:13 pm
A Golliwog toy
A Golliwog toy

Rachel Davies said she believes The Beach Shop on Lower Grand Parade should stop selling the dolls, which to many are considered offensive and racist.

The mother, whose son is mixed race, said she came across the items while browsing the shop on Wednesday (July 17).

She said, “I couldn’t believe it. They are really offensive, I’m really distressed I live around the corner from that.

“I just think it’s really serious and there’s not a place for it anymore. There never was a place for it.”

“You’d think if a lot of people had been that offended you’d take them down,” Ms Davies said, “They can’t be selling a lot anyway, surely?

“I’m not really a person to complain but I’m that shocked, I think it’s that disgusting I had to say something.”

She says she has contacted Trading Standards about the matter.

The Herald spoke to the owner of the shop but he did not want his comments reported.

What is the history of Golliwog dolls?

• Golliwog dolls have a history as an anti-black caricature, inspired by American minstrels.

• They became the face of James Robertson and Sons jams in the 20th century, but the company stopped using the mascot in 2002.

• Popular author Enid Blyton used golliwogs as villains in her Noddy stories, including The Three Golliwogs, which had a character named the N-word.

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