Sussex town council calls for volunteers to help in pandemic and emergencies

A town council is looking to recruit a dedicated team of volunteers who can provide invaluable help and support within their communities should a situation arise that requires extra assistance. 

Wednesday, 11th March 2020, 11:58 am
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Many towns, villages and cities have a resilience plan in place, which brings together a group of local individuals who can complement the work of the emergency services at a time where their capacity may be stretched. 

Battle Town Council is now looking for volunteers.

Cllr Glenna Favell, chairman of the council, said: “I urge residents to consider registering their details. Any requests for support from the emergency services can then be quickly cascaded to appropriate local people, who could make a real difference towards a positive outcome.”

Such a situation where community involvement would make a difference could be something such as a lost child or vulnerable adult, a pandemic, loss of utilities, or any situation where the availability of emergency services is reduced.

People can become the team co-ordinator, who is the focal point for the community in response to an incident or train to be a team member, working with the team coordinator to activate the support of the community, as well as become a general volunteer.

A spokesman for the council said: “We are hoping that hundreds of people will come forward to do this. This would mainly be looking after the welfare of people, for example, cooking a meal for someone, putting someone up for the night, assisting at an emergency centre, joining a search party, knocking on doors in an evacuation situation, contacting people in a flu epidemic. If you have special skills, access to tools or transport then please let us know.”

Anyone interested in joining or would like more information can email [email protected], ring 01424 772210, or visit