Spontaneous ‘DIY SOS’ at Eastbourne family’s home restores their faith in humanity

An Eastbourne family of five has had their faith in humanity restored after a spontaneous ‘DIY SOS’ from local businesses helped to fix their home.

Tuesday, 22nd October 2019, 6:28 pm
The Williams family, Oliver, Jacob, Lilly and mum Victoria with builders Derek Roy, Lewis Pendry and Kieron Davies (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-191021-140252008
The Williams family, Oliver, Jacob, Lilly and mum Victoria with builders Derek Roy, Lewis Pendry and Kieron Davies (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-191021-140252008

Victoria Williams and her family were left devastated after investing inheritance money from the death of a relative into an extension on their home – only for the construction company to go bankrupt in the process, leaving their back garden a dangerous building site.

Victoria, who lives with her husband and three children in Peppercombe Road, said, “The drawings were completed by an architect we knew and he gave us a name of the building company he had worked with previously. He could not recommend them enough. We were happy, received a quote and met the company to set a start date.

“We had part of the rear garden dug out, a retaining wall built and the company stayed in touch. Then one was called away and this was the beginning of our problems.

Victoria Williams with builder Derek Roy (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-191021-140304008

“From a company with an alleged reputation they took two weeks to implement the downfall of the business. They invoiced us for services completed and there were invoices for numerous building materials purchased that were in storage. Upon receipt of our payment they liquidated the company overnight.

“The partners took personal bankruptcy. The police investigated and said it was a simple business failure.

“We have lost thousands of pounds and left with an unstable rear wall on our house and a hole supported by alpros. We had machinery and piles of building materials scattered across the garden and scaffolding surrounding the house.”

Victoria said she wanted to bring justice to the business, but as it would be deemed a civil matter the legal fees would be too expensive for the family.

The secondary school teacher said, “We were assured in the early days by the building firm we could claim should there be a problem with the works on the company insurance, but they refused to sign the paper work or contact us.

“The house insurance will not pay and nor architects insurance. The law does not support you in such circumstances. Sadly we were not the only families in this situation. Others who live in and around Sussex, building contractors and suppliers were also hit with financial loss.”

The family’s luck changed when Derek Roy of DJR Construction saw the unfinished work and was shocked.

Victoria said, “Our story from pure desperation, living on a building site in a structurally instable house has a happy ending. We were really fortunate to have a construction company working on site who were appalled by what had happened to us.

“Derek of DJR construction sat us down and helped us through the maze of troubles we found ourselves in. He took on our project on and has finished it with the help of contractors who have given up their time to rescue our home, from scaffolders to roofers to carpenters.

“DJR Construction is close to finishing our home having built it only with the money that we left in the building fund and not a penny more. Ben Hughes at Jewsons in Hailsham, DJR Construction and colleagues have worked to make our home whole again.

“A real live DIY SOS project here in Eastbourne. Thank you very much for all your hard work, for which we are forever and eternally grateful. You have restored our faith in human nature.”

To get in touch with DJR Construction contact them on: 07949 441498.