Sir David Attenborough sends handwritten reply to Eastbourne schoolgirl

An Eastbourne youngster who has been campaigning about litter and environmental issues has written to Sir David Attenborough and received a handwritten response.

Tuesday, 21st May 2019, 2:40 pm

Evie-Beth Thomas, a Year Eight Willingdon student, as recently been inspired to make local changes to improve the current ecological state and the large amount of litter on the streets of Eastbourne.

She has begun to work on this with her peers through eco-programs and writing to several influential people.

Evie-Beth wrote to Sir David Attenborough and invited him to speak to local schools about environmental issues.


In the letter she wrote, “It is so heart-breaking to think that the future of our society could potentially be based upon the consequence of climate change and littering that we refused to address.”

She was delighted when she received a handwritten reply from the legendary broadcaster and natural historian. Sir David, 93, said he would be unable to attend due to his busy schedule.

As a school we are incredibly proud of Evie-Beth and all the hard work she puts into trying to improve the environment.

Ms Emily Beer, headteacher of Willingdon, said the school is incredibly proud of Evie-Beth and added, “We are working with our student leadership team to strategically plan a more eco-friendly school.

“Students have attended senior leader meetings to hold our staff to account on decisions made. It is really important we listen to the young people who care passionately about their planet and want to support our school and wider community.”