Seagull found hanging from guttering in Eastbourne

A seagull has been rescued after it was found hanging from guttering by its beak in Eastbourne.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 9:20 am

East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service was called to help the bird on July 5.

WRAS rescuer Ollie Long attended and found the greater black-backed gull with fishing line coming from his beak which had become caught on the guttering causing the bird to hang helplessly in the air.

A spokesperson for WRAS said, “Ollie was quick to act and using our ladders and equipment was able to reach the gull.

An x-ray of the hook stuck in the gull's beak. Picture from East Sussex WRAS. SUS-210807-090723001

“Using skills learned recently on a ladder training course he was able to secure and cut free the exhausted gull and get him to the ground safely.

“It was clear that there must have been a fishing hook involved to hold the weight of this gull without it just slipping through or the line simply snapping.”

Once back at WRAS’ casualty centre the gull was examined and x-rays were taken to reveal exactly where the hook was sitting.

The spokesperson said, “We were very lucky that our vet Mike was able to successfully remove the hook and clean the area where it had been embedded.

The gull hanging from the guttering. Picture from East Sussex WRAS. SUS-210807-090703001

“This gull is still very poorly after the ordeal of hanging with only the hook supporting his weight.”

WRAS said the gull has been put on medication as well as liquid feed to help him stabilise and will be monitored closely over the next couple of days.

The gull at WRAS' casualty centre. Picture from East Sussex WRAS. SUS-210807-090713001