Rescued swans covered in waste oil from Eastbourne streams return home

The rescue team released the swans back home
The rescue team released the swans back home

Four swans who were covered in waste oil from Eastbourne streams were returned home yesterday (October 31).

The first pair of swans were rescued from the Horsey Sewer behind St Anthony’s Avenue and Leeds Avenue by volunteers from the East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service (WRAS) on September 28. The pair were returned to Princes Park lake.

The second pair were rescued on October 1 from the Crumbles Sewer behind Manton Court and Leeds Avenue after WRAS responded to calls from concerned locals. The pair have been returned to the same location.

Trevor Weeks, founder of East Sussex WRAS, said the Environment Agency advised against the first pair of swans returning to the Horsey Sewer.

Mr Weeks said, “The Environment Agency were concerned about the possibility of such oil spills happening again, as well as the potential for heavy rain to wash more oil out of the pipes.

“This rescue, the clean up and care work for the swans has cost WRAS more than £800. Sadly those responsible never help cover our costs.”

According to a WRAS spokesperson, volunteers and staff bathed the swans daily, and the care team spent three days showering and washing the oil off the birds until they were clean and white in colour.

The Environment Agency has been approached for comment.

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