Police helicopter service warns of dangers at Beachy Head

Photo by Dan Jessup
Photo by Dan Jessup

The National Police Air Service has warned of the dangers of walking too close to the edge of Beachy Head.

The service’s Redhill branch said it noticed ‘some big undercuts’ at the top of the cliff face while flying close to it on Sunday afternoon (December 9).

The undercuts could mean the cliffs are more likely to collapse due to the lack of support from underneath.

This year, there has been a number of warnings urging people to stay away from the edge after cliff falls at Beachy Head.

In October, Eastbourne Borough Council said the cliff was at a ‘high risk’ of falling.

After that warning, pictures were shared showing a large crack on the top of Beachy Head.

The second half of 2018 has also seen large cliff falls at Birling Gap – which closed the steps down to the beach for several weeks – as well as Seaford Head.

The Coastguard has repeatedly warned members of the public not to risk their lives for a selfie, but people are often seen getting extremely close to the edge despite warnings.

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